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Vector Media Group is an interactive digital agency located in the heart of the Flatiron District of New York City. We’re dedicated to sharing our expertise in Web and Mobile Development, Design, and Marketing to help build powerful tools and campaigns that work. Our award-winning teams employ business standards with ethical best practices that drive brand growth.

Heads our award-winning Development team

Matt Weinberg

Co-Founder and Partner,

Technology & Development

Full Bio

Leads our highly-talented Search Marketing team

Lee Goldberg

Co-Founder and Partner,

Marketing & Strategy

Full Bio

Experienced developer and systems architect; highly skilled with telecom integrations

Al Auad


From analysis and strategy to beautiful, engaging visual solutions. Pure attention to detail.

Allyssa Price


CMS guru and savvy back-end developer; has the longest tenure on our team

Andrew Kaslick

Back-End Developer

Accomplished in a number of languages and technologies, with multi-platform experience.

Arthur Ward


Leads our technical approach to projects, from requirements to implementation.

Ben Smith

Director of Technology

In-depth experience in creating PHP applications and ExpressionEngine add-ons.

Brent Wilson


Designer, Critical Thinker, Aspiring Mixologist

Chris Sukovich


Search marketing expert. Syracuse University and sports lover.

David Osrow

SEO Specialist

Very valuable in assisting with the execution of client SEO campaigns

Faith Zaki

SEO Specialist

Experienced PM that is passionate about empowering others to do their best work.

James Turnley

Project Manager

Valuable member of the Search Marketing team helping strategize and execute

Jeevan Katwaru

Senior SEO Specialist

PHP Expert, system administrator, and organizer of the Memphis PHP User Group

Joe Ferguson

Back-End Developer

Well-rounded developer leading both front- and back-end builds

Khaliq Gant


A Search Marketing Strategist that LOVES to travel!

Laila Mahran

SEO Specialist

Dedicated project manager delivering happiness to clients with a little help from her friends in design and development.

Lauren Khalaf

Project Manager

Experienced back-end developer and technical planner, contributing on many Vector builds

Luke Wilkins

Back-End Developer

Experienced accountant, book keeper, and office manager extraordinaire

Maggie Sheehy

Office Manager/HR Manager

Creative and outgoing digital project manager with a passion for design and development

Matt Brown

Project Manager

PPC Maestro and excel analysis guru. Master of all things paid search.

Michael Berman

PPC Account Manager

Experienced front-end developer with expertise in creating optimized, responsive code

Rene Merino

Front-End Developer

Development expert, and creator of many popular ExpressionEngine add-ons

Rob Sanchez


PHP expert, with years of experience in object-oriented programming and framework creation. Proud Australian.

Rod McTainsh

Back-End Developer

Highly skilled developer with OOP/MVC experience in a large number of frameworks

Sam Hernandez


Front-end developer with expertise in modern web standards and responsive code

Santiago Sosa

Front-End Developer

Responsible for quality assurance on our projects–from build to launch

Scott Griffin

Lead QA Engineer

Primarily tasked with teaching the Vector team how to pronounce "herb". Also an experienced back-end developer.

Stephen Lewis

Back-End Developer

Passionate about delivering innovative strategies that meet our client’s marketing needs

Tanya Gardner

Marketing Account Services Director

Passionate about crafting beautiful and useful design strategies

Taylor Roy


Turns raw data into actionable, meaningful insights to improve conversion rates

Yehoshua Coren

Analytics Expert


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