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Cooking Up Our 2016 Holiday Party

Dana Moore
Cooking Up Our 2016 Holiday Party
Dana Moore

Here at Vector, we work hard to whip up solutions for your development, design, and digital marketing needs. We also take our play just as seriously as our work. Looking for a great holiday party recipe? We’ve got you covered. Gather up your ingredients and check out our recipe for 2016’s holiday party:

Serving Size: 60+


  • Cool Location
  • Groovy Music
  • Great People
  • Fancy Clothes
  • Signature Cocktails
  • Delicious Food
  • Celebratory Toasts
  • Fun Photos


Step 1: Location, Location, Location!

Preheat your party by hosting it at a hot spot. Our office manager (and party planner extraordinaire) Maggie Sheehy scoped out The Smith (Nomad) for our 2016 holiday party. With a private room complete with frosted glass sliding doors, things were just heating up.


Step 2: Assemble Your Crew

Season your holiday pan with awesome employees and their significant others. Dress each one up in fancy holiday attire - add glitter for best results. When in doubt, throw on a jersey.


Step 3: Mix It Up

Add an open bar and sift your way around the room with your cocktail in hand. With two signature cocktails to chose from (“the Stu” vs. “the Nick”), now’s the time to say everything that won’t fit into a gif or a Slack emoji!

“The Nick” - Midtown Manhattan - rye whiskey, Vya, combier rouge, Jerry Thomas bitters, brandied cherry

“The Stu” - Old Cubano - aged rum, lime, fresh mint, prosecco


Step 4: Eat It Up

Combine some tasty treats as passed hors d'oeuvres make their way to you. You don’t even have to move to grab those sliders!


Step 5: Lift It Up

Let the party simmer as we all raise a glass and toast each other for our great work throughout the year!


6. Say Cheese!

Garnish your party with a great photographer that will make everyone look great (as if they needed any help)! Allow photos to chill on our Facebook page.

Party on!


Photography By: Genevieve Huba

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