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December 2018: Vector + Happy Cog = Magic

Maggie Sheehy
December 2018: Vector + Happy Cog = Magic
Maggie Sheehy

We acquired Happy Cog, attended conferences, hired 3 new employees, and had our holiday party!

  • Vector has acquired Happy Cog, a design & development agency in Philadelphia! You can read more about this acquisition on our website here.
  • ExpressionEngine is now open source! You can read more about this here. Reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions!
  • Sue Malomo, one of our Developers, recently spoke at the All Things Open Conference. Her talk was about Laravel 101: Getting Started With Application Development. As a developer with over 15 years of experience, Sue is well versed in all development technology.
  • To accomodate our growing staff, our holiday party was at Rosa Mexicano this year. We enjoyed the largest bowl of guacamole I've ever seen, drank unlimited margs, and shared plenty of laughs.
  • Before we went to the holiday party, we had a magician come to our office for a little pre-party happy hour. We started the hour with a lot of skeptical employees and ended it with a lot of believers in magic.

    Photo Credit Stephanie Eichman, Picture-Minded.
  • We welcomed 3 new people to the team:

- Meet Developer Chris Lagasse - He’s a cyclist, beer geek, and loves tinkering with hardware and programming in his spare time. He lives in sunny Tampa Bay, surrounded by a plethora of breweries that he loves to visit.

- Meet Developer Sue Malomo - She loves the ocean and has never lived more than a few miles away from it. When she has free time, she loves to fiddle with different electronic hardware and software like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. She is notoriously bad at pop-culture references but could talk for days about food, her kids, and camping. 

- Meet Developer Taylor Daughtry - an experienced Craft developer living in Alabama. He recently had a baby girl named Ruby and LOVES Dr. Pepper. He's also a woodworker, working only with hand tools!

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