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Five Things I Learned in My First Year at Vector

Rene Merino
Five Things I Learned in My First Year at Vector
Rene Merino

March 23rd marked a year of me working at Vector. It has been quite a ride but I made it to the 365 day milestone. Now, you may ask “How has working for Vector as a front-end developer for the past year been?” (or not). Well, let me tell you!

I could spend all day writing about what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown as a person and as a professional, but I’m not going to do that because writing is not usually my favorite thing. Instead, I’m going to list five things that I’ve learned or enjoyed doing while working for Vector .
Here we go!

1. Git Oblivion
OH GIT! I have so many stories about you. Before coming to Vector I had used Git here and there, but there was something about Git and VCS that kept me from using it on my daily workflow. Here at Vector I’ve learned that using Git is a must and a very important part of every one of our projects. With the help of Ben (our Director of Technology), I dove head first into Git from day one. I’ve stumbled here and there, but learned from my mistakes and now there’s hardly a day that I don’t run any Git commands.
PS: Commit early, commit often… trust me!

2. Teamwork
One thing I’m glad I’ve gotten better at is teamwork. At my previous job I would get a project and work on my own or collaborate with one or two people. At Vector, working with a team of over ten developers has helped me learn to work better with other people and be more conscious about my development choices; I know they may affect other people in the project as well as the project itself down the line. I’ve learned to communicate my ideas better and to listen more. The more you listen and work with your team, the more you learn and grow.

3. Management
Something that I enjoy about Vector is how the Project Management Team and the partners actually help me work better. Whether it’s the Project Managers supporting client communication so I can focus on coding, the company sending me to a conference across the country to increase my skills, or just getting me a new standing desk so I can work more comfortably, they’re always making sure that I have the proper tools and the enthusiasm to reach my full potential.

4. Lunch & Learn
Here at Vector we have what we call “Lunch & Learns”. It’s where we get together and have lunch… and learn. Someone from our team shares some skill or knowledge they have on a subject with the rest of the team. I enjoy every Lunch & Learn because we all have different sets of skills and sharing with one another helps us become better developers, all while enjoying a delicious meal.


5. Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine
Yeah, I said it! I’m the self-proclaimed Sophie’s Food Master [Editor’s note: some would disagree with this!]. At Vector we have a love/hate relationship with Sophie’s; it’s always a hit or miss with them since they frequently mess up our orders. Some people refuse to admit that their food is just too darn good to stop ordering from them ( you know who you are…). There is an ongoing battle in the office about whose order Sophie’s will mess up or deliver late most often. Since they mess mine up the least and will even customize my order, I remain king! I’ve heard however, that our SEO Specialist Laila is plotting to take that title away from me ( haha, good luck). Despite this competition, we all bond by discussing alternatives to Sophie’s and trying to figure out why they keep messing up our orders.

That’s all I have to share for now. There are a lot more things to write about but I’ll leave those for next year’s post. I’m looking forward to the new experiences and skills I have to learn in my next year at Vector!

What have you learned or enjoyed in the past year?

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