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My First Week at Vector

Lauren Khalaf
My First Week at Vector
Lauren Khalaf

Those first day jitters, there’s no escaping them. Did I say jitters? It could have been jet lag from a 28 hour trip back from Thailand, who can tell the difference?

It’s 7:20am when the alarm goes off. I had been awake since 4:00am lying in bed staring at the ceiling, I was wide awake and ready. As I left my apartment, I felt refreshed and excited about my new adventure at Vector Media Group. I got to the train station, went into my bag to get my metrocard and to my dismay, my wallet was missing. I ran home, grabbed my wallet and ran back to the train station.

Running through the closing F train doors, I still had a chance to make it to work by 9:00am, relief swept over me. The F train came to a halt about two stops in when my vision became blurred and I started dripping sweat. I jumped off at the next stop to catch my breath and get some air.

“This cannot be happening, not today,” I thought.

After taking a few minutes to pull myself together, I got on the next F train to 23rd street and 6th avenue.

9:10am I walked into my new workplace, Vector.

It’s an inviting space, the layout is open with instant personality traits. When you step off the elevator you’re greeted by a painted ‘V’ on the wall in the blue, red (debatably orange) and yellow Vector colors.

You turn the corner to a small seating area that stares up at two strange, yet, hysterical portraits of the co-founders, Matt and Lee, that the design team orchestrated.

The Portraits of Matt and Lee

And then, you take it all in. You start to see familiar faces from the office holiday party you were invited to before you even started working at the company, black screens with code streaming across the screen and the room starts to fill with your new coworkers.

You never know what you’re getting yourself into. Will I eat alone at lunch? Will I make friends? Will I like my job? So many questions that only time can answer.

At Vector, it didn’t take too much time for my questions to be answered. The truth is, I believe that every experience you have is what you make of it and I was going to make the best of Vector.

I’m greeted by smiling faces and talent. I didn’t have to work with the employees at Vector to know that the company is made up of talented people working together to create effective and beautiful solutions.

I’m shown to my desk and I hit the power button of my new computer. I check my calendar and my entire day is planned out for me. From design meetings and development meetings to new hire meetings and client calls. There’s no time for boredom.

You know that awful feeling on your first day when you’re sitting at your desk waiting for someone to show you the ropes? The Vector team made sure to cross that worry off my list.

Midway through the day I find out I’m joining another Project Manager along for a client meeting the following day. So, I do my homework. I look up the company, I check our project management platform for current and upcoming work and I learn their names.

As a project manager, one of the most important attributes, if not the most important, is to know and understand your client. Put yourself in their shoes, what do they want to achieve and how can you, as their project manager, help them get to their goal? And if you’re lucky, you’ll have a support team behind you, to help you, help them.

The next couple of days are somewhat of a blur and before I know it, my first week at Vector has come to an end.

As I sit on the F train headed uptown I recall the highlights of my first week and smile awkwardly to myself. I picture the meetings amongst my colleagues, blurs of knowledge and processes flying out of multiple mouths and into both ears and images of employees who have mastered the art of multitasking.

It’s a good feeling becoming a part of the Vector team and I can’t wait to see how the feelings flourish.

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