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New Year, New Us

Maggie Sheehy
New Year, New Us
Maggie Sheehy
  • Two of Vector's partners, Stuart Henry and Matt Weinberg, were on CTRL+CLICK CAST this month to discuss our acquisition of Happy Cog, a design and development agency in Philly.
  • OkayType is a small typeface design studio based out of Chicago that makes and sells fonts. Our team was tasked with implementing a redesign and replatforming their CMS to Craft. During development, we focused on introducing CraftCommerce for purchasing fonts directly through the website and ensuring a smooth checkout flow for users. This included some significant complexity regarding web fonts, app fonts, handling font families and subfamilies, and logic around styles and licensing. The website was launched this month and we’re excited to see the new fonts in the store!
  • Norwegian Reward's Julekalender (Christmas Calendar) is a highly trafficked contest that gets extremely high numbers of users and requests at one time. From our traffic analysis we knew that the peak number of users occurs in the morning, with another peak in the evening. To avoid constant monitoring, we set up a number of auto scaling rules to accommodate the extreme peaks in traffic. We used a step mechanism to scale up our number of instances based on how much CPU was being used. We also made heavy use of caching throughout the application to cause less strain on the database.

    We were able to achieve 100% uptime throughout the entire contest thanks to careful capacity planning, and as time went on, were actually able to save our client money by scaling down the number of instances while still accommodating increasing traffic.

  • Our marketing team pushed out a major YouTube and integrated display campaign for a large kitchenware company during the holidays. We saw a 650% increase in brand lift directly attributable to the campaigns, and through the use of tracking beacons, discovered that 33% of the people we touched with an ad actually showed up in a store that sells the company's products.

  • Vector's 1st employee, Andrew Kaslick, just had his 10th anniversary. It was such a huge milestone that we threw him a party. We had a powerpoint about our favorite memories of him, gave him an enormous balloon bouquet, and presented him with a framed version of one of his photographs. 

  • Since this is the last month in our current office, we combined our regular 10 Things Presentation with an "Everything Must Go" party. The goal here was to get rid of all the snacks & liquor in the office so we have less to move. On top of trying to finish all the liquor we've had for years, we also had presentations from Asha, Sabrina, Stu, & Taylor. We learned that Asha has her own eyelash line, Sabrina knows 9 different types of dance, Taylor snorkeled with the largest species of fish, and Stu won "Best Smile" in 7th grade.

  • We welcomed 3 new people to the team:

    -Meet Marketing Coordinator Asha Jordan - An island girl whose friends refer to her as the “Grammar Police.” In her spare time she's either looking for somewhere to eat or for her next vacation spot.
    -Meet SEO Specialist Sabrina Patrizio - She's a marketer who is passionate about SEO and content. When she has free time, you can often find her writing, reading, teaching a Zumba class, or playing with her three dogs.
    -Meet Designer Annemarie Meyers - She is a fourth year student in the Co-op Program at the University of Cincinnati, studying Communication Design. When she’s not exploring museums and new coffee shops here in the city, she loves running, watching The Office excessively, and planning trips whenever possible.

  • We are hiring! Join our amazing team of developers, designers, marketers, project managers and the occasional four-legged office pet. 

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