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Our Custom Slack Emojis

Dana Moore
Our Custom Slack Emojis
Dana Moore

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At Vector, company culture thrives. We believe that creating a culture where employees can come into work and use their strengths, develop their skills, and work with amazing people is the key to success. One of the ways that we communicate and collaborate in the office is by using the messaging app Slack. Emojis make regular appearances on Slack, and they convey tone in a way that text often doesn’t. In our Slack conversations, we noticed that we were missing something: custom emojis that represented our company culture. That’s where Vector designer Chris Sukovich stepped in.

“I started thinking about what a Vector illustration style would look like,” he explained, “something that could be used as a branding style.” Using a color palette inspired by our logo -- red-orange, yellow, blue, and green -- he created over 30 emojis that represented Vector’s culture. These fell into the following categories:

Development/Design/Marketing Tools

Around the Office and Recreation


Food and Drink

The goal with these icons is to make them friendly and easy to read from far away. “What’s fun is the levels of abstraction. You only have a small size to work with, so it’s about making the best use of that small space”, says Chris. Designing emojis specifically for use in Slack presented some unique challenges. The icons had to be legible at a maximum size of 128x128, which required strict manipulation of line weights and choosing what details to include. Starting with basic shapes in black and white, the focus was on utilizing negative space and finding a balance between the level of detail in the object and the size of the resulting icon. The smaller the resolution of the final image size, the thinner the lines had to be in order for it to look clean.

A trend in the design industry has been to default to public visual communication databases for icons, which means using sets that someone else created. At Vector, we believe that if we are creating projects from scratch, it makes sense to create custom icon sets to go with them. There may be something that is reemphasized in a new design scheme, even at the smallest level.

The addition of emojis that reflect our company culture has made our messages feel more personal. Now we can show our CartThrob love, plan running club outings, and brag about our Lenny’s sandwich creations with style. Most importantly, nothing motivates our kickball team more than seeing that blended margarita on the horizon after a big game! These new emojis have made their way into other projects as well. You can now find larger versions of our custom icons migrating into Snapchat filters and company t-shirts. 

Keep an eye out for these emojis in future blog posts!

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