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Our June 2016 Highlights

Dana Moore
Our June 2016 Highlights
Dana Moore

As the temperature outside increased, things were also heating up in the Vector office. Check out some of our highlights from June!

  • First, we added some new faces:

- Meet Public Relations/Content Editor Dana Moore - she writes, performs, and teaches workshops on improv and sketch comedy in NYC, and she’s fluent in American Sign Language!

- Meet SEO Specialist James Khubiar - he once completed a spicy hot dog challenge that included two footlongs with mad dog 357 sauce, habaneros, ghost peppers, Trinidad scorpion peppers, and Carolina Reaper peppers!

- Meet Northeastern Regional Vice President of Bark-eting (Office Manager Maggie Sheehy’s Dog) Bosco - he enjoys looking out the window, treats of any kind, and sitting on Maggie’s lap!

  • Vector Developer Sam Hernandez open sourced a Craft plugin to help with local development on sites with lots of image assets. Great work, Sam!
  • We like showing off some of the work we’ve done. Check out how we increased a university’s online visibility, brand recognition and search results, while cutting costs during back-to-school season, or how we developed a highly interactive eCommerce site for an artisan tile company that also acts as an internal sales tool for their San Francisco showroom.

  • Vector Co-Founder Matt Weinberg was featured in the most recent podcast from Bootstrapped! He had many insights to offer regarding growing a large consultancy, software, hiring, and more. Bootstrap's goal is "to share the lessons we learn by doing, and learn from the things that others are doing, to help us all get ahead as we bootstrap our businesses online." We couldn't be prouder to be featured in this great podcast, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

  • We were also featured in Sift Science about how we helped a prominent retail client successfully stop fraud using their system. When fraud is reduced the client’s site becomes more efficient, which helps them grow their business and lets us concentrate on the development, design, and marketing that we’re known for!

  • Here's everyone at our quarterly breakfast meeting, where we talked about upcoming meetups and the growth of the company. What a good looking bunch!
  • One of the ways that we grow as a company is not only to add new team members, but to also learn a little bit about them. Every month, we hold a fun “10 Things” presentation and celebration, wherein a few different employees (new and old) present 10 things about themselves. This month was Abed Islam, David Watson, and David Osrow. Abed proudly announced that he is “Team Windows”…shocking everyone in the office! New David (Watson) and Original David (Osrow) duked it out to see which David was better. David Watson grew up in England and loves football (soccer), rugby, wine, and reading, while David Osrow used to be able to speak fluent Hebrew and has performed onstage with the Blue Man Group — so we called it a draw.

  • Matt spoke with Success Magazine about honest and effective communication. Check out what he had to say about how to lead a great team!

  • Speaking of a great team, SEO Specialist Jeevan Katwaru was promoted to the Director of Marketing! In his new role, Jeevan will be directly responsible for managing the execution of our full suite of digital marketing services, as well as ensuring that the techniques we use to drive results for our clients remain state of the art. Congratulations, Jeevan!

  • We were once again proud hosts of our friends at New York City Podcast Meetup! We had informative talks about podcast branding over some nice food and drinks with good people.

We hope you had a pleasant June! Maybe next month Bosco will share his “10 Things”!


Enjoys looking out the window, treats of any kind, and sitting on Maggie’s lap


Director of Bark-eting

Heads our award-winning Development team

Matt Weinberg

Technology & Development
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