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Our November 2015 Highlights

Faith Zaki
Our November 2015 Highlights
Faith Zaki

There's always something newsworthy happening at Vector, and that's the way we like it! Here are the highlights from November.


Exciting news from our team:  

  • A warm welcome to the newest member of our design team, Chris Sukovich! Fun Fact: He's a budding mixologist. His favorite place to get drinks in the city is Glasserie in Greenpoint. Glad to have you aboard, Chris!
  • And congratulations to Santiago Sosa on his marriage! Best wishes from the entire Vector team. 


Our successful launches included:

  • VacationStyle: At the crossroads of Fashion and Travel, VacationStyle allows users to browse destinations from around the world while building their very own “Suitcase” and wardrobe. Expert and celebrity tips help users travel in style, and users can also purchase their suitcases to complete the full shopping experience.  Vector created the responsive design and did the full ExpressionEngine CMS build, including a custom ad server and integration with external APIs that allow customers to purchase suggested items from multiple external providers. Thanks to our team members that worked on this project: Nick (Lead Designer), Ben (Project Manager and Technical Lead), Rene (Front-End Developer), Santiago (Front-End Developer), Luke (Backend Developer), and Scott (QA Lead).
  • Vitamin Angels: Vector’s development and search marketing teams worked together to create a flawlessly functioning and SEO optimized ExpressionEngine site for Vitamin Angels, a nonprofit that distributes vitamins around the work to help solve malnutrition. The work included significant discovery with the Vitamin Angels team and close integration with their Salesforce partners and Content Strategist. Thanks to the team that worked on this project: Ben (Project Manager), Rene (Front-End Developer), Rob (Backend Developer), Scott (QA Lead), David (SEO Specialist), and Jeevan (Senior SEO Strategist).
  • Etsy's “Share Your Shop”: Working closely with Etsy’s creative team, we built Etsy's Share Your Shop app which allows shop owners to share their holiday gift ideas and promotions. This was a very fun project for a brand we love collaborating with. Thanks to Matt W (Project Manager and Backend Developer), Luke (Backend Developer) and Rob (Backend Developer) on the Vector team for their work on this. And, thanks to Paravel for their creative direction and front-end work.


Team members shared their expertise at conferences and on the web:

Read about Vector and our clients in the news:

  • Vector joined the Agency Alliance Program, created to help publishers better understand what content draws in website visitors and why. Learn more about the partnership.
  • We're excited to report that our client CERN was featured on CBS's 60 Minutes. The episode titled "The Collider" aired on Nov. 8, 2015. Read more about this exciting news in another of our blog posts.




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