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Our One Year Blog Anniversary

Rebecca Riddle
Our One Year Blog Anniversary
Rebecca Riddle

One year ago, Co-Founder Matt Weinberg hit publish on Vector’s first blog post. In this initial introduction, he promised readers big things— posts about our process, coding experiments, and insights into who we are and what we do. Since then, the blog has lived up to our expectations, featuring posts written from all sides of the Vector team. In case you missed anything, below is a look back at the Vector Blog’s inaugural year:

Clockwork- Improving PHP Debugging: Do you want to save yourself time solving tricky PHP issues? Rod McTainsh, developer and PHP expert, lets you know how Clockwork, a Google Chrome Developer Plugin, can make your life easier.

Among the Stars: Vector at the 2015 AIGA Gala: Designer Allyssa Price recaps how she and her Vector partners spent an evening with some of the industry’s best and brightest.

Moments of Delight are your Brand: What constitutes effective branding? How has graphic design transformed over the years? Director of our Design Team Nick Spriggs, explains how branding has evolved from being just about a logo, to encompassing a complete user experience.

Vector has Acquired CartThrob and CT Admin: Major milestones are being passed at Vector— as the proud new owners of the best ExpressionEngine eCommerce add-on, we can continue to focus on improving our tools and our client experiences.

The 2015 Vector Summer BBQ: It’s not all coding and computers here a Vector— our team headed out to Long Island for a day of food, family, and fun. Find out who won the high-stakes kickball game, who took home the company beauty pageant crown, and who took on the job as Vector referee. 

Field Editor 2 Released: After we acquired Field Editor, an ExpressionEngine custom field management add-on, we knew there was room for improvement. After some serious testing, debugging and reworking, we were proud to release Field Editor 2. Check out some of our favorite ways to put this useful tool to work.

Enabling Fast, High-Powered Search in ExpressionEngine with ElasticSearch: Co-Founder Matt Weinberg and Director of Technology Benjamin Smith, explain how and why Vector integrated ElasticSearch with ExpressionEngine for one of Vector’s multinational clients, and the success which stemmed from doing so.

Programmatic Advertising at the 2015 Search Insider Summit: Co-Founder Lee Goldberg was joined by speakers from Facebook and Adobe on the Moving Programmatic Media Buys Into the Hands of Search Marketers panel at the 2015 Search Insider Summit. Watch the full discussion and see why Lee believes that, “You can’t automate marketing strategy.”

How to To Throw an Office Holiday Party That’s Actually Fun: This post reveals Vector’s secrets to throwing an unforgettable party (hint: they involve employee inspired cocktails and the cast of Mad Men).

Getting to Know: Andrew Kaslick: Back-End Developer Andrew was the first to be profiled in our new series where we let our readers get to know our team members. Find out what role Andrew plays here at Vector as well as some interesting facts (such as whether or not he is a Belieber).

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