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Vector Shapes Up

Allyssa Price
Vector Shapes Up
Allyssa Price

As the spring weather set in this past month, our team at Vector was getting active across the country.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, Brent Wilson (Developer) ran in the Light it Up Blue Run for Autism 5K. The fact that this was his first race since high school cross country didn’t stop him from being the first runner to finish and getting to break the tape! Brent ran on behalf of his nephew who has an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis and is training for his first marathon that will take place this May.

A little farther east, Joe Ferguson (Back-end Developer) and his wife Kara completed the FedEx St. Jude Classic Fairway 5K race in Memphis, Tennessee. Previously a hockey player, this was Joe’s first race and Kara’s fourth. Joe and Kara go to the gym a few times a week and plan on doing more 5K’s this year.

On April 10th, 6 members of the New York office participated in the Annual NYRR Run for the Parks. The race consisted of a scenic 4 mile loop around Central Park. Ben Smith, James Turner, Laila Mahran, Maggie Sheehy, Nick Spriggs, and I were among the 6,911 total finishers. Each of us participated with different levels of running experience.

This was Ben Smith’s (Director of Technology) first race, ever. Normally seen riding his bike, Ben worked up to this race by running in Riverside Park. He would like to sign up for more races in order to keep the momentum going and to continue building to longer distances.

Running since high school, James Turner (Project Manager) completed his first marathon last fall. James says,  “There are a million reasons I love to run. My top 3:
1) The friendships I've made.
2) Once I built up enough endurance to run longer distances, NYC became wide open to explore. I love running throughout the city and in all five boroughs.
3) That feeling of physical exhaustion and desperation during a tough run. Whether you're running a 5K or a marathon, you can hit a wall and feel the urge to give up. The times you persevere, you feel great. The times you fail, you train harder and try again.”

Laila Mahran (SEO Specialist) is also no stranger to running. She ran competitively in high school and won 3rd in the city her sophomore year. After sustaining an injury in her senior year, she now just runs as a stress reliever. She says this 4m race was a great way to get back into the sport and she looks forward to running more races soon.

Currently preparing for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, Maggie Sheehy (Office Manager/HR Manager) used this race as part of a longer training run. Maggie is in a running group called the November Project and completed the New York City Half Marathon last month. Central Park is where Maggie mainly trains; she especially enjoys running on the Bridle Path.

Across the river, Nick Spriggs (Partner, Design & Branding) can be found running in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Nick was a runner growing up, but the big sport in his family was Orienteering. (Fun-fact: Before his title was Partner, Nick was the Asia-Pacific Champion in his age group after winning the Championship in Hong Kong and China in 1996). Since moving to New York, Nick has joined a few running groups that have helped him get back into running and into a regular training program.

Since I (Allyssa Price, Designer) live in Brooklyn, this race was my first time running in Central Park. I started running in college as a way to stay active and get outside. I’ve slowly built up to running longer distances and will be training the rest of the year to run my first half marathon next spring. It was fun to participate in the NYRR Run for the Parks with my coworkers for a great cause.

In addition to running, Vector is participating in the Waka Kickball Spring League. Every Monday through June 13th, we will be playing different teams at Riverside Field. Check out the official team scouting report from our fearless captain, Maggie Sheehy.



Photo by daveynin via / CC BY

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