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The 2015 Vector Summer BBQ

Nick Spriggs
The 2015 Vector Summer BBQ
Nick Spriggs

Last month saw one of our favorite times of the year, as we gathered for our annual Summer BBQ with the Vector team and their families and significant others. A delightful, sunny, Long Island Saturday provided the perfect backdrop for everyone to reconnect or get to know the extended Vector family. Competitive kickball, leisurely swimming and great food capped off the day.

Lee and his wife Elyssa relax by the pool while Frank recovers from the long trek out from Staten Island (Ben Smith appears confused, he always thought Frank was from Queens?).


Roshani and Jen cool off inside before the Spider "men" (Jase and Cooper) arrive to ensure the saftey of all party attendees.


The important business of team selections begin for the annual Vector Kickball game / brawl. Not surprisingly, Brazilian talent Al Auad is picked up early in the process (seen here performing some kind of dance with the ball). Referee Sarah (Matt W's daughter) readies her "Red Card stance". Don't let her small size fool you: nothing gets by her.


Frank and family ready themselves for the ride back to Queens (or Staten Island?). Designers Allyssa Price and Taylor Roy enjoy the last of the summer sun.


Nick Spriggs and (future) wife Steph cool off in the pool. Fresh off his Kickball win, Matt Weinberg (confusingly) adorns his Sportsball champion shirt, encouraged by Kim and Shannell.


An audience gathers for the matchbox Grand Prix. This year's was Grand Marshalled by Arthur Ward and Jeevan's son Jase (affectionately known as "2.0"). 


The evening wouldn't be complete without the beauty pagent portion. Stu Henry (on the right, being coached by his daughter Ella) wins (as with last year (and every year)), cheered on by the Katwaru family and Yana & Steve.


Some people stuck around until the midnight Long Island Rail Road train back into the city. Another perfect celebration of good friends and summer. Bring on next year!

(And want to join us next year? We're hiring!)


Photos by Matt Weinberg and Allyssa Price.

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