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We don’t do things because they’re the trendy thing to do — we do them because we believe in them. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to create tasteful and innovative solutions because they’re the right idea, at the right time.

An interactive strategic process

It’s important to us that we gain a deep understanding of your business needs before we begin the design process. By taking the time to understand you, your users, and your goals, we create something that's not only aesthetically beautiful, but also incredibly effective. At the beginning of every project we work hard to engage with you through workshops and exercises that align our teams and goals for the project.

Collaboration through Iterations

Following on from our discovery and workshop process, we like to consider you as a true collaborator and involve you in our process as much as possible. With most clients we set up weekly, iterative design check-ins where you see the system evolving during each presentation. This allows us to incorporate the full team's thinking into the process. During the design process we'll also seek out outside voices through user testing and user interviews.

Project Management

Clear and supportive communication is the cornerstone for a successful project. Our project management team will feel like a part of your team, dedicated to providing you with visibility on the status of your priorities every step of the way. Our project managers are involved in your project from start to finish, so they understand implications of decisions made during every phase and ensure we achieve your goals -- in budget and on time. Our design partner and technical lead are also present through the entire project to help guide the team through all strategic decisions.

Jack of all trades

Following the finest traditions of design history, we believe that a good designer is passionate about their craft, their industry, and their work. That's why our team is made up of a diverse group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and specialties. We rely on our collective strengths and inputs to bring thoughtful insights and unexpected solutions to our clients.

Branding & Strategy

Logo / Identity Development
Brand Positioning
Brand Pillars
Voice & Tone Development
Content Strategy
Communications Map
Pitch Decks
Digital Strategy
Consensus Building

User Experience & Visual Design

UI Design
Modular Design
Responsive Web Design
App Design
Connected Device Design
Brand Visualization
Print Collateral Design
Brochure Design
Signage Design

Process & Techniques

Interactive Workshops
User Testing
Persona Development
Customer Surveys
Client Interviews
Visual Trends Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Value Propositions
Content Workflow