Vector is now Happy Cog

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Vector Media Group builds performance-driven tools and campaigns that work. Our development team has extensive open-source experience, and knows that if a custom site or app doesn’t grow your business, it’s not working.


Your business is our investment

Quality insights are key for sustainable and continual growth. At Vector, we use the most up-to-date tools to measure your online marketing efforts. Our development team has in-depth insight into the fundamentals – and subtleties – of the business model, and make informed recommendations for your success.


We build scalable solutions

Our developers are determined, innovative and experts at designing powerful builds geared towards a scalable future. We focus on technical execution and set the bar high using best development practices. We balance between creativity and accountability, driving fast results and sustainable solutions.


Our clients return again and again

We’re a tightly knit, agile team at Vector Media Group. Our developers and project managers execute projects with finesse – whether it’s content publishing, eCommerce, or data management. Our clients want effective tools and builds, and we continue to iterate quickly: to spec, on time, and on budget.

Enterprise Level

We know how to service enterprise level clients, including those with strict security or regulatory requirements. We have worked with many large companies and know how to craft unique development solutions for each one to meet their high standards. We offer comprehensive custom development services and ensure that each client is provided with the service, process, and support that they expect and deserve.

Custom Platform Development

We believe there's no reason to copy when you can be original. It requires a one-of-a-kind solution to transform your business. Our award-winning development team custom designs crowdsourcing platforms, permissible Intranets, and CMS dashboards unique to your business–limitless development for limitless results.

Mobile Development

It’s a mobile world, and customers don’t hope for responsive sites and native apps – they expect them. At Vector Media Group, we ensure every build functions, adheres, and adapts to every smartphone and tablet your users are using.

CMS Development

We have broad experience with multiple open source and commercial CMSes. We work closely with CMSes such as Craft (we're official Service Partners), ExpressionEngine (we're in their Pro Network), Sitecore, WordPress, and others. We're experts at making sure your CMS is flexible, scalable, and has a great experience for visitors and for authors.

Internal Applications

Our development team engineers practical applications that change the way businesses interact from the ground up. Rather than fighting with existing software, trying to solve the same problems over and over, let us use insight-driven research to build you a custom internal application that has a direct impact on your business’s efficiency and internal visibility.