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Elasticsearch Consulting and Development Services

Leveraging Elasticsearch, the experienced developers at Vector design amazingly fast, scalable, reliable, and completely custom website search engines. Elasticsearch integrates with any language for any app or site, offering a great experience for both developers and users. For clients who have outgrown their original search implementation, Elasticsearch is the best way to boost performance. Elasticsearch allows companies to search millions of pieces of data quickly, effectively servicing websites and apps and maintaining a reliable user experience.

Why we recommend Elasticsearch:

More Relevant Answers. Allows users to perform powerful full-text searches and supports multilingual search, geolocation, contextual “did-you-mean” suggestions, autocomplete, and result snippets to find the most relevant and accurate answers.

A Better User Experience. Designed to easily return complex results with amazing speed. A good search experience improves user experience, increasing site engagement.

Straightforward Implementation. Elasticsearch is open source and API driven, ensuring we have the freedom to design creative solutions.

Highly scalable results. Creating additional nodes for each cluster is simple, allowing for easy growth.

Deep Insights. Extract meaningful business information from from real-time data by interactively searching, discovering, and analyzing data immediately.


We're always looking for new and exciting ways to integrate Elasticsearch into our development projects. The ability to make immense databases searchable and filterable is powerful, and for many of our clients this is a wonderful opportunity to drive growth. Interested in using Elasticsearch? Learn more about our enterprise search engine services delivered to spec, on time, and on budget.

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