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Expert Enterprise Mobile App Development

Let Vector's development team architect a custom enterprise mobile app. With a clear and unified understanding of your key performance indicators (KPIs), our team of builders assemble user-friendly interfaces and fast-functioning dashboards, apps, and more to help you do business better.

Flexible Enterprise Apps for a Mobile World

The programs we create are flexible and scalable, growing as you grow. Supported by multiple operating systems, our enterprise apps for desktops, ipads, tablets, and mobile phones are the best way to view and analyze critical business information in one place. In a single snapshot you can view and compare products that drive business, your marketing ROI, and/or the productivity of your team.  We can also create and customize different dashboards for executives and department heads. For example, while the CEO's dashboard shows high level numbers and overall KPIs, the director of sales has easy access to his team's' performance numbers.

Creating Custom Internal Company Dashboards

See the big picture: a single screen dashboard displaying your company's KPIs with easy to read charts and graphics. Efficiently read and compare data from all sources with our code integrations. By connecting multiple APIs from Salesforce, Marketo, data warehouses, Google Analytics, and more, you'll never need to sift through pages of data again.

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When skillfully built, custom internal company dashboards and enterprise applications can increase employee productivity, lessen backend hassles, and smooth day-to-day processes -- all of which affect your bottom line.  Want to learn more about the tools Vector can build to help you effectively analyze your internal data?

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