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Improve Your Conversion Rate with Keyword Attribution Modeling

The first step towards increasing the conversion rate of your website is to understand the searching, browsing, and purchasing patterns of your target customers. However, most businesses don’t have a clear picture of the buying cycles associated with their products or services. That's where we come in. By designing custom keyword attribution models, the team at Vector can accurately value the search terms used by visitors to find, explore and take action on your website.

A Customized and Comprehensive Keyword Attribution Solution

Google Analytics offers some basic attribution models, but they are based on oversimplified assumptions about how people use the Internet. These default models only reveal a glimpse of your customers' buying process -- whether it's the first-click, last-interaction, time decay or linear model. To achieve maximum value and efficiency in your search marketing campaigns, a more comprehensive model must be built.

Choosing Vector for Customized Attribution Modeling

At Vector, designing customized attribution models is the central element around which we create digital strategies and allocate budget. We improve conversion rates and maximize ROI by assigning accurate values to all keywords within a search funnel and appropriately identifying keywords as "Introducers," "Influencers," or "Closers." These invaluable insights can be used throughout to your entire digital marketing mix, from PPC to social media.

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