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Discover Key Insights With Marketing Attribution Analysis

Ready to grow your business? Marketing attribution analysis is the fastest, most efficient way to find out how to reach your customers more effectively. Connect paths between offline and online marketing strategies, discover the most effective and cost-efficient channels, and create an unbeatable cross-touchpoint branding campaign that stays within budget and grows your profits.

Why Marketing Attribution Analysis Matters

At Vector, we’re proud to craft comprehensive digital marketing solutions customized for your business and based on accurate analytics. Let us lift all the heavy data, transforming complex models into deep insights and strategies that increase ROI.

Choosing the Right Attribution Model

How does a marketing attribution model work? The model assigns a value to each channel that played a role in influencing the consumer to take an action or make a purchase. A user may first visit your website through organic search, return later through a display advertisement, and then make a purchase after clicking on a social media post. Which marketing channel should get credit for that purchase? Rather than giving 100% of the credit to the first-click or last-click, custom marketing attribution models assign a different value to each interaction.

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Valuing conversions using marketing attribution models is part of every ROI-focused discussion for successful marketers. Learn how we can connect your company with quality visitors and increase the conversion rate of your website. Our consumer-centric and data driven approach provides insight into what's working and what's not. We'll help you spend your digital budget more effectively and increase your ROI.

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