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Crafting Successful Multi-Touch Attribution Models

There are few things more complicated than assembling a multi-touch attribution model to distribute credit to various marketing channels. But the importance of correctly valuing your brand's various touch points, from organic search to social media, can’t be overstated. Attribution modeling is critical to optimizing your marketing budget. Understanding the buying cycle of your customers is the only way to prove what channels work and which lead to dead ends. Most importantly, the right model will show the impact on cost per acquisition (CPA) – a key insight needed to grow your business.

Designing Professional Multi-Channel Attribution Strategies

The buying cycle of your customers is likely a multi-step process. Expertly crafted multi-channel attribution models allow marketers to uncover all the touch-points their customers land on before they make a purchase. At Vector, we create custom models based on your specific industry. Our strategies are built around your short-term and long-term goals. Our process is ongoing, constantly updating to reflect the data and provide deeper insights. Our multi-channel attribution models guide the rest of the marketing work we do, determining how we allocate budget and our time so that we focus on the channels that yield the highest returns.

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Let the team at Vector help you uncover the journey your customers take from first-click to last, using a custom multi-touch attribution model. Our marketing experts are dedicated to helping you increase your ROI by using data to prove the best investment mix to drive maximum revenue.

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