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Leading Pay Per Click (PPC) Agency

Visitors only go where their needs will be met–and competition is extremely tight. Trust Vector to help you cut through the noise and convert leads into customers with pay per click (PPC) marketing. Our unified, analytics-driven approach filters traffic to your site while minimizing costs per click. We offer a full range of PPC services including paid search, display, remarketing, product listing ads, and more. Vector is proud to be a Google AdWords Qualified Company, a Bing adExcellence Member, and an experienced Facebook marketer.

Our most popular pay per click services include:

Advertisement Research & Development

The strategic development of keywords, ad copy, and landing pages is key to success is the paid search arena. Using groundbreaking technology to help us manage thousands of keywords and hundreds of campaigns, we are able to create PPC ads that crush the competition.

Real Time Bidding (RTB) Technology

We're not just using cutting edge technology to manage our client's campaigns, we're creating it. The Vector RTB technology allows bids and budgets to be adjusted every 30 minutes to react to real time changes in the marketplace. This leads to more clicks and conversions at a lower cost.

Attribution Modeling

Let us help you understand the searching, browsing, and purchasing patterns of your target customers by going beyond the last click to ascribe value to the touchpoints leading up to the conversion. The team at Vector design attribution models to accurately value the channels and search terms used by visitors to find, explore and take action on your website.

High Definition Reporting

Get insight into what's working and what's not. Our custom reports provide powerful insights that show how we can best help you meet your short and long-term goals.

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