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Craft CMS Development

Our Accomplished Developers Are Experts in Craft CMS Web Development

Official Craft CMS Service Partners

We're proud to be one of a handful of agencies selected to be an official Craft Service Partner. That means Vector can offer a higher level of service for every Craft CMS and Craft Commerce build, including dedicated vendor-support and SLAs.

Why We Build With Craft CMS

Superior Flexibility. Craft's editing experience is simple for the end user, offering significant flexibility without compromising the appearance of the final production. Add images, videos, pull quotes, and other media into the content with just a few clicks.


Live Preview. As end users make edits, changes can be automatically displayed in a live preview window without even having to manually save the content first. Content managers can share their edits with co-workers or test the draft on a mobile device using a preview URL.


Simplified Localization. Craft is a convenient CMS for global businesses. Content can be easily localized to target specific languages and locations. Best of all, Craft's control panel has been translated into 18 languages and supports automatic geo-targeting.


Easy User Management. With Craft CMS, you can manage users, streamline public user registration, and create permission systems with ease. Each user dashboard can be customized to include an RSS feed, a quick post module, updates, and more.


Custom Front End. While Craft's back end remains simple for editors, the front end is completely customizable. Craft supports custom designs that showcase your business and allows our Craft developers the flexibility to build exactly what you need.


Responsive. Craft CMS supports responsive designs, improving user experience and increasing engagement. Additionally, Craft's control panel is responsive, so content managers can edit their sites on the go.

Making Security a Priority

Security is a top priority for every developer at Vector. Our code has been audited by some of the top security teams in the world, as well as the Security Operations teams of many Fortune 500 companies. We’re trained on web security best practices, and several members of our team have spoken about security and PCI compliance at conferences.


At Vector, we ensure that proper firewalls are set up on servers, and public key authentication is utilized for access. We protect private information by encrypting data at rest where warranted, employing SSL/TLS, and only storing secure password hashes; not raw passwords. We run automated and manual security tests, and have internal policies and procedures in place to handle any security issues that may surface.

Craft Commerce

In addition to creating beautiful and scalable websites using Craft, an exceptionally flexible and easy-to-use open source-based content management system, Vector's development team is extremely skilled at utilizing Craft Commerce, Craft's eCommerce platform.


Craft Commerce is one of the most exciting solutions on the market and we're proud to be one of its premier implementation and service consultants. From full website builds to custom plug-in development, trust our experienced Craft developers to create a CMS that enables full control over creative and media-rich content.


Launch Site


Launch Site

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Launch Site

Associated Press

As one of the largest and most trusted sources of independent newsgathering, The Associated Press (AP) has provided comprehensive, high-quality reporting of every major news event since 1846. Constantly adapting to new technologies, their recent goal was to modernize their online reporting and publishing tools. The AP reached out to Vector Media Group team to develop this new project knowing that they would get high quality results.

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In today's digital world, your website is often your company's first impression. The adept designers and developers at Vector build visually engaging and seamlessly functioning sites that attract new customers and grow businesses.

Stuart Henry Business Development

How are we different? We believe that the key for long term success lies in working with you. We build relationships with our clients and help you determine:

What you want to achieve
Where you can make improvements
When you can expect results
Why we recommend one solution over another

We understand that each client is unique, and we’re constantly pushing ourselves to create custom, tasteful, and innovative solutions that will work best to accomplish your goals.

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Airbnb has branches of its outreach site, Airbnb Action, in cities across the globe. They turned to Vector to build custom, city-specific sites to help them accomplish their goal of promoting effective legal solutions for the emerging market of listing and sharing private spaces. We built the sites to accommodate users from around the world and to utilize complex API integrations— all using the Craft CMS.

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Scale and complexity are our specialties. From clear, consistent communication to results that exceed expectations, we provide nothing less than great service.

EL Education

After its renaming in October 2015, EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) tapped Vector to envision how the new brand could be translated into a cohesive web design, development, and SEM plan. The challenge lay in making its wide variety of resources for new and veteran teachers – including curriculums, instructions, assessments, and leadership materials – more accessible.

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We have built for well-known business, small start-ups, and everything in between. We are happy to provide you with the perfect solution to suit your needs.