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Craft Commerce

First Party eCommerce Solutions That Utilize The Power and Flexibility of Craft CMS

Discover eCommerce solutions that actually work. Employing the power and scalability of Craft Commerce, the agile developers at Vector create custom eCommerce solutions designed to grow your business.

Craft Service Partners

As official Craft Service Partners, we offer a higher level of service for every Craft CMS and Craft Commerce build, including dedicated vendor-support and SLAs. In addition to creating beautiful and scalable websites using Craft, an exceptionally flexible and easy-to-use open source-based content management system, Vector's development team is extremely skilled at utilizing Craft Commerce, Craft's eCommerce platform. Craft Commerce is one of the most exciting solutions on the market and we're proud to be one of its premier implementation and service consultants.

Experts at Integration

The Vector team excels at creating unique solutions for every client. If you need us to build systems from scratch, we’re on it. If you already have some systems in place that you want to consolidate and integrate, we can do that too. Integrations with Craft Commerce allows you to coordinate the front and back ends of your site so that the information flows freely both directions. Our developers are experts at integrating systems such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs)
  • Third-party Logistics (3PL)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs)
  • External Inventory
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Service Providers (ESPs)

Integrating these systems with Craft Commerce can help reduce the time and cost of sales transactions, improve accuracy, and simplify processes from start to finish.

Why We Utilize Craft Commerce

Product Management. Create unique product types that differentiate from each other using their own set of custom fields and allow for variations, such as t-shirt sizes. SKUs can automatically be generated for each product, and stock is updated as orders are completed. Utilizing Craft Commerce’s Live Preview feature, you can see how the product pages are going to look in real time.

Sales & Promotions. Host sales and create custom coupon codes that can be applied to specific products or product categories so that the right people get the right deal at the right time.


Storefront & Cart. With a storefront that’s fully integrated into your Craft CMS-powered website, product information and “Add to Cart” buttons can be displayed within related content throughout your site, with the option of cross-promoting related products at the point of checkout.


Checkout & Shipping. Allow customers to checkout as users or guests (guest purchase history will be retained if they create an account later). Choose from over 20 supported gateways, or let us easily add support for another one with Commerce’s simple Gateway API. Define tax and shipping rates on a per-category, per-location basis, and choose how they should be calculated.


Order Management. View all of your customers’ orders - including abandoned ones - in the intuitive and modular Order Index. Filter orders by their status, order number, customer, date, and other criteria. Define custom order processing and fulfillment workflows with the help of custom status filters.


Design & Extensibility. Design the front end of your store using the powerful Twig templating engine. Customize the Twig-powered receipt template with unique HTML and CSS to create beautiful, branded customer receipts. Integrate Craft Commerce with third party systems like CRMs, order fulfillment services, and others, using several built-in hooks.

Making Security a Priority

Security is a top priority for every developer at Vector. Our code has been audited by some of the top security teams in the world, as well as the Security Operations teams of many Fortune 500 companies. We’re trained on web security best practices, and several members of our team have spoken about security and PCI compliance at conferences.

At Vector, we ensure that proper firewalls are set up on servers, and public key authentication is utilized for access. We protect private information by encrypting data at rest where warranted, employing SSL/TLS, and only storing secure password hashes; not raw passwords. We run automated and manual security tests, and have internal policies and procedures in place to handle any security issues that may surface.

Certified by Google, Yahoo, and Bing, Vector creates eCommerce websites that are crawlable and reachable by search engines, and compelling and motivating for visitors. Learn how we can help you improve website ranking, increase organic traffic, and drive sales.

Stuart Henry Business Development

How are we different? We believe that the key for long term success lies in working with you. We build relationships with our clients and help you determine:

What you want to achieve
Where you can make improvements
When you can expect results
Why we recommend one solution over another

We understand that each client is unique, and we’re constantly pushing ourselves to create custom, tasteful, and innovative solutions that will work best to accomplish your goals.