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Customized KDS/KMS

Specialized Ordering Systems that Maximize Efficiency

Tired of wasting time with an inefficient Kitchen Display System (KDS) and Kitchen Management System (KMS)? Let Vector create a custom KDS/KMS just for you.

Improving the Staff Experience

At Vector, we have worked with restaurants from 1 location to 50 locations to create personalized solutions for their production processes. Rather than shifting your restaurant’s process to fit a predesigned KDS/KMS, wouldn’t it be nice if the systems adapted to what you are already doing? That’s exactly what we do. Building on prior successes, we analyze our clients' needs and seek solutions from a user's point of view. We work closely with the restaurant staff to find out their operations and how we can customize a KDS/KMS to streamline processes that are already in place.

Improving the Guest Experience

What do restaurant customers expect? What improves your guest experience from start to finish? An efficient KDS/KMS can reduce cooking times, wait times, and facilitate clear and precise communication with guests. We can also integrate with your restaurant’s Point of Sale (POS) system to ensure that all restaurant operations from front-of-house to back-of-house are working together to help your business run smoothly.


Building Unique Solutions

A customized KDS/KMS can include options such as:


Commodity Hardware. A series of tailor-made iPad applications that easily track orders at every step of the production process.


Order Alerts. A light with a chime sound to alert the staff that there is a new pending order when the order queue is empty.

Advance Ordering. Orders may be placed well in advance, but automatically only show in the system when they should be started.


Sync Any Changes. All changes to the necessary devices are made instantaneously, resulting in a better guest experience.


Text Alerts. Mobile communication with guests to help manage their expectations.


Improved Kitchen Efficiency. A custom kitchen display system (KDS) that shows ticket status, routes tickets to correct stations, and tracks order time will result in kitchens that run smoothly and efficiently.


Data Tracking. Operational timers that track order times, creating data that can be used to enhance operations and customize your guests’ experience.


Target Your Marketing Campaigns. With the information you’re learning about your guests, you can target marketing campaigns around what your guests are eating and drinking at what times, resulting in more successful campaigns.


View Reports to Improve Your Bottom Line. From cutting costs to tracking and organizing sales, you will be able to make smarter adjustments based on reports in order to eliminate unnecessary spending and improve your bottom line.


Looking for a comprehensive system overhaul? Check out the unique solution we created for the 30-location fast casual restaurant &pizza, featuring a custom hardware platform that incorporates a Kitchen Display System (KDS) we built that integrates with all their other systems: Olo, LevelUp, Toast, Aloha, and more.


Our development team built a custom hardware platform that pulls orders from &pizza’s online ordering system, puts them into a smart production queue, and displays the information on an interactive Kitchen Display System (KDS)/Kitchen Management System (KMS) in every shop’s production area. Based on a Raspberry Pi (a small single-board linux computer and microcontroller), and protected by a custom designed 3D-printed enclosure, this system includes a series of tailor-made iPad applications that track each order at every step of the process.

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How are we different? We believe that the key for long term success lies in working with you. We build relationships with our clients and help you determine:

What you want to achieve
Where you can make improvements
When you can expect results
Why we recommend one solution over another

We understand that each client is unique, and we’re constantly pushing ourselves to create custom, tasteful, and innovative solutions that will work best to accomplish your goals.