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ExpressionEngine Development

Our Accomplished Developers Are Experts in ExpressionEngine Web Development

As leaders in the ExpressionEngine (EE) community, the award winning development team at Vector offers expert services including full EE website builds, architecture design, eCommerce development, custom plugin development, and more. As authorized and trusted members of the ExpressionEngine Professionals Network since 2009, we build flexible and scalable websites on time, to spec, and in budget.

Leaders In Innovative ExpressionEngine Web Development

At Vector, we are well established leaders in the EE community. We have received ExpressionEngine awards, spoken at ExpressionEngine conferences around the world, and earned a place in EllisLab's Pro Network. Members of our team have been featured on podcasts to talk about ExpressionEngine, and many of our developers have also written articles for EE community sites and released open source EE add-ons.


We are also the proud owners the top EE eCommerce add-ons, CartThrob and Exp-resso Store! These eCommerce frameworks have been in active development since 2005, and are some of the most powerful and flexible ecommerce systems available anywhere.


Why We Recommend ExpressionEngine to Clients

Create Without Restraints. As one of the most flexible content management systems (CMSes) available, ExpressionEngine allows us the freedom to say, "Yes!" to any request. EE is SEO-friendly and supports responsive designs and a wide variety of media, placing no limits on design and branding.

Keep It Simple. EE provides an incredibly intuitive user experience and is designed for easy publishing. With only one quick training session, you'll be proficient in managing your site's content.


Grow Globally. Support many languages across all of your properties. EE supports multilingual sites, allowing for easy management of sites for different regions and geographies.


Build For The Future. Be ready for what comes next. As an open source-based product that gives you full access to the code, EE can accommodate changes in site scale and brand expansion. No barriers will limit the success of your website and business.

Making Security a Priority

Security is a top priority for every developer at Vector. Our code has been audited by some of the top security teams in the world, as well as the Security Operations teams of many Fortune 500 companies. We’re trained on web security best practices, and several members of our team have spoken about security and PCI compliance at conferences.


At Vector, we ensure that proper firewalls are set up on servers, and public key authentication is utilized for access. We protect private information by encrypting data at rest where warranted, employing SSL/TLS, and only storing secure password hashes; not raw passwords. We run automated and manual security tests, and have internal policies and procedures in place to handle any security issues that may surface.

Columbia University

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The Investment Center

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Yoga International

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Zagat—a Google-owned company and leader in user-generated restaurant reviews and ratings—has been a Vector client for years. We recently completely rebuilt their site to allow them to more easily upload and manage all the content they publish about the 25+ US and international cities they cover. In addition to their reviews and ratings, Zagat also generates lists, recommendations, and news articles written by their internal editorial team. With millions of visits every month from both web and mobile app users, and dozens of editors needing access to the CMS, it was important that we focused on creating a website that’s back-end was as well-designed as its front-end.

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Launching a site with comprehensive CMS using ExpressionEngine can result in an improved information architecture and enhance the site content’s marketing impact and performance.

Stuart Henry Business Development

How are we different? We believe that the key for long term success lies in working with you. We build relationships with our clients and help you determine:

What you want to achieve
Where you can make improvements
When you can expect results
Why we recommend one solution over another

We understand that each client is unique, and we’re constantly pushing ourselves to create custom, tasteful, and innovative solutions that will work best to accomplish your goals.


Vitamin Angels

Vitamin Angels is a non-profit organization that fights malnutrition by delivering vitamins to children in the hardest to reach places around the world. It is essential to the organization that the vast amount of information on their website is interesting and easy to find in order to drive donations to fund their work.

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As authorized and trusted members of the ExpressionEngine Professionals Network since 2009, we build flexible and scalable websites on time, to spec, and in budget.

Greentech Media

As Wood Mackenzie-owned Greentech Media grew, so did its content, commerce, traffic, and client base. Vector Media Group partnered with the green experts early to serve the company’s expanding tech needs. Most recently Greentech Media was in need of an update to their website’s corresponding iOS app. With a focus on heightened security, we were able to rebuild much of the iOS app with several added and improved features to match the quality and design of their main website experience. The resulting navigation was simpler, the in-app browser experience was sleek and fully functional, and the app was able to to be updated effortlessly.

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