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Google AMP

Making Mobile Pages Faster

At Vector, we work hard to keep our clients on the cutting-edge of web technologies. From search engine algorithm updates to new coding languages, our team of experienced search marketers and developers are early adopters, quickly gaining proficiency in the latest technologies. Since the launch of Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), our team has been excited to share this new opportunity with clients.

So What Is Google AMP?

The Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is an open-source collaboration across industries to make the mobile web faster. Partnering with many outside publishing and technology companies, Google worked to develop a way to load pages faster on mobile devices (and soon desktop devices), and subsequently reduce bounce rates.


The result of the project is truly incredible. Google claims that AMP pages will load about four times faster, while using approximately 10 times less data than non-AMP pages. Essentially, Google has taken (even already fast) load times and made them nearly instant. Beyond the user experience improvements, Google has publicly announced they they will favor AMP over non-AMP pages in the search results.


Updated pages will be featured in the carousel above the regular organic blue links, increasing visibility in the search results pages. Publishers not jumping on AMP bandwagon will most likely see a decrease in impressions, clicks, and user engagement.

How Does AMP Impact Publishers?

Online publishers are losing mobile traffic. According to Google, 29% of smartphone users immediately switch to another site if they can't find information or it's too slow. On a recent project where our developers implemented AMP, the updated page loads in 0.2 seconds compared to the original, non-AMP page that loaded in 1.4 seconds.


We have successfully implemented the AMP format for many of our clients, increasing user experience and improving engagement. With the enhanced distribution tools, publishers can share their content across the web more quickly, increasing revenue from ads and subscriptions. The update dramatically improves mobile site performance, compelling users to consume and engage with more content.


The time to improve your mobile experience is now. Contact us to learn how we can help you successfully integrate AMP to make your mobile publishing site faster.

Vector’s extensive experience in providing effective solutions for online publishers now includes AMP. We have built support for AMP in many different languages and platforms, including Flask, ExpressionEngine, Craft, and more. We have also worked directly with Google to implement these new changes.

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