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Strategic Facebook Advertising

Creating Social Media Advertising That Actually Works

As with any form of advertising, Facebook and other paid social media ads only work when fueled by a strong campaign design. Vector has worked with firms ranging from local startups to Fortune 100 companies, and we can show you how to make Facebook advertising work for you. We also specialize in Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Analytics consulting, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Paid Search Management.

Everything for Someone vs. Something for Everyone

They key to success with Facebook and other social media advertising is designing the right campaign for the right audience. We follow your user’s journey and, by looking at the traffic that comes from Facebook, we can assign each lead a score to see where they fit in the sales conversion funnel.

We create custom Facebook ads for different sets of users at every point in the sales conversion funnel, and then use those ads to drive targeted traffic for high-scoring leads. That traffic is then used to fuel our cookie pool for remarketing.

By tailoring ads to smaller groups of people, the ads become specifically relevant to those target audiences. When the number of people in each Ad Set is reduced, the market will be better served using more focused campaigns. We can help you figure out how to create these small Ad Sets and determine what types of ads work for them.

Interplaying with Our Design Team

A large part of what makes a Facebook ad successful is its creativity. At Vector, we have a full design team available to create and choose stunning, engaging imagery to accompany your advertisements. Our ability to work closely with our design team to create best practice compliant Facebook ads will make your campaigns stand out and produce profitable results.

Optimizing Marketing Efforts

Using our advanced platform, we are able to get the most out of local search campaigns through A/B testing, building ad variants at scale, analyzing performances, and real time optimization.

Our technology allows us to create different variations of the same ad and track the click through and conversion rates. By using a full cross channel attribution model between paid social search and display, we are better able to figure out budget allocation. This allows us to accurately monitor our marketing efforts for real time bid and budget management, then adjust accordingly to generate optimal results.

Greater Return on Investment (ROI)

Our team at Vector specializes in Conversion Rate Optimization. When we design and implement Facebook ads, we know that your end goal is to increase the percentage of visitors to your website that convert into customers. In fact, we have proven to be experts within this field, writing several articles and hosting webinars on such topics. With our experts hard at work for you, your ROI is going to be better due to higher conversion rates.

Adelphi University

Vector’s ongoing and successful work with Adelphi University has helped them improve their brand recognition and search results, reduce their costs, and increase their online visibility. A distinct collaboration between our design and digital marketing departments and the Adelphi team ensured a unique and genuine campaign tied to the school’s business goals and aspirations.

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Internet Marketing is more than getting likes and followers. It's about standing out from your competition, and connecting with quality visitors.

Stuart Henry Business Development

How are we different? We believe that the key for long term success lies in working with you. We build relationships with our clients and help you determine:

What you want to achieve
Where you can make improvements
When you can expect results
Why we recommend one solution over another

We understand that each client is unique, and we’re constantly pushing ourselves to create custom, tasteful, and innovative solutions that will work best to accomplish your goals.


Yoga International

Founded by The Himalayan Institute, a non-profit international organization, Yoga International sought to branch off from their parent company and develop their own online presence. We were able to use tailored ads through Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Facebook to drive membership for Yoga International. This targeted campaign strategy cut their costs for acquisition by 80%.

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Our Digital Marketing team goes beyond clever keywords and creative ads to drive tangible results.