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Capwell + Co

Affordable fashion jewelry line Capwell + Co brought on Vector to build a website that conveyed the sophistication and playfulness inherent in its collections. Given Vector’s reputation for innovative design and finesse, the two parties became instant partners.
Launch Site

Situation Determine a Website Branding and Conversion Approach

Site visitors weren’t giving Capwell + Co’s stunning array of collar necklaces, charm bracelets, cocktail rings, and earrings the attention they deserved. Most visitors were leaving without interacting with the content, making it critical for Vector’s design leads to uncover what elements were contributing to this bounce rate and correct them.

Task Perform a Design-Discovery Exercise to Reveal Insights

The team at Vector dissected the web analytics and assessed each site design element from color palette to front-end UX. They prodded each page, asking the key questions: How do customers know what kind of website they’ve landed on? Do customers know where to click or tap to shop? What design consistencies show customers that the brand is upscale, yet committed to affordability? Some of the previous site’s components – such as the newly instated watercolor accents – were working, while others – such as the minute font sizes – were not. As they examined the site webpage by webpage, Vector outlined a chart of suggestions on how Capwell + Co could improve the site’s overall effectiveness and brand cohesion.

Action Implement Strategic Design Alterations

Our Design Discovery revealed an abundance of opportunities. The most essential being a cleaner color palette with inviting cool tones focused on a prioritized lavender hue. In addition, the use of consistent san serif fonts would elevate the brand and lend a structural weight. These tweaks helped alter brand perception, showcasing Capwell + Co’s upbeat and effortless brand personality. After perfecting the site’s aesthetics, Vector proposed important UX edits including a refreshed navigation and, given the brand’s success with the #lovecapwell campaign, a social feed in the site’s footer.

Result Increased Engagement, Brand Perception and Engagement

This project was a testament to the fact that small changes can yield great returns. In July, the homepage was revamped to include these changes and the metrics rang in their success. The bounce rate decreased 20% from the previous year and returning visitors nearly doubled, showing that customers felt the brand was in line with their taste and style. Most importantly, Capwell + Co saw a 300% increase in their online conversion rate.

Capwell + Co

“In partnership with Vector we gave our homepage a complete overhaul and built several new features to serve our customers better. The result was a website that represented Capwell + Co.’s new aesthetic and is delivering stronger sales and better customer experiences. We really enjoy working with Vector, they understood our needs both creatively and commercially and have a great team of people behind them.” -Sarah Moore


Experienced web developer. Passionate about writing well tested and bug free code.

Brandon Jones


Detailed project manager, who believes a smile can go a long way.

Kerri Connolly

Digital Project Manager

Passionate about beautiful and functional design. Mostly fueled by tacos and iced coffee.

Kate Lechleiter


An expert on UX, design, and branding who directs our design team

Nick Spriggs

Design & Branding

CMS guru and savvy back-end developer; has the longest tenure on our team

Andrew Kaslick

Back-End Developer

Leads our technical approach to projects, from requirements to implementation.

Ben Smith

Director of Technology

Talented developer with expertise in modern web standards and responsive code

Santiago Sosa

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