Hughes Hubbard & Reed

As one of the largest law firms in the United States and one of the highest grossing firms in the world, Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP (HHR) relied on Vector to create a website that is as groundbreaking as their work.
Launch Site

SITUATION Design a Striking Website That Stands Out

As a leading law firm, Hughes Hubbard & Reed wanted their website to stand out in an interesting way. This meant rethinking how their users experience the website and presenting something new. When we met with the team at Hughes Hubbard & Reed, we presented several design options, color, and type styles - ranging from small changes in their current website to a complete overhaul. When they chose design options that were completely different from their current website, we knew we were working with a law firm that was ready for something unique and were not afraid to be bold with their design.

DESIGN APPROACH Use Modular Design to Provide an Excellent User Experience

Working closely with our strategic partners at Three Furies we looked to develop and evolve a brand strategy laid out by the Clarity Group to position the new HHR brand and website as an authority in technology through the actual experience it self.

A major challenge with legal websites is presenting their wealth of information in a way that is easy to navigate and comprehend. Upon visiting their new website, there is now a sleek animation to transition into the primary navigation with four main elements: “Experience & Results”, “People”, “Careers” and “Culture”. There is also a secondary navigation that includes “News”, “Locations”, and “MyHHR”. These new toolbars serve to break up the vast amounts of information, and the bold designs make navigation enjoyable.

As potential clients click through the main navigation, they’re able to stay engaged due to the new dynamic visual designs that break up the vast amounts of information. We also created a module list for HHR’s staff to use, complete with guidelines for what information should be included in each section to help simplify their content.

The development team faced the challenge of making complex filters seem simple while making their comprehensive resources readily available. Whereas many legal sites rely on the user to navigate to relevant information, HHR was willing to try something different. We helped HHR create a system using clear-cut sorting filters driven by keyword and category tags to help guide users to the information that they need and help redefine how a legal site can function.

CLIENT OBJECTIVES Create a Website that Serves as a Sales and Marketing Tool

Another feature that we developed for HHR is the “My HHR” hub. This hub allows users to save pages in different folders as a way of collecting relevant information, a function that can be used both internally and externally. Folders can be customized to suit individual clients’ needs -- a helpful feature for both associates and visitors looking to gather information.

By creating a hub that allows users to consolidate relevant resources in a single place, HHR has a valuable tool that serves to help them sell and market their services to the people that need them most. Site visitors may also end up discovering related services and save them for later, extending HHR’s client relationship past one specific case.

RESULT A Beautifully Redesigned Site that Functions Both Internally and Externally

By having a law firm that was willing to be bold and stand out in terms of visual design and UX, we were able to create a website that redefines how their services are showcased to their site’s visitors. With a modular design, clear cut sorting filters, and a hub to gather information, users can clearly navigate law options as they decide what they are looking for. The new beautifully designed site functions both internally and externally, and has successfully set HHR apart from other legal firms.


Experienced Quality Assurance Engineer with a background in development

Abed Islam

QA Engineer

From analysis and strategy to beautiful, engaging visual solutions. Pure attention to detail.

Allyssa Price


Leads our technical approach to projects, from requirements to implementation.

Ben Smith

Director of Technology

Experienced web developer. Passionate about writing well tested and bug free code.

Brandon Jones


PM who wouldn’t be here without design, development and queso.

Catie Herrin

Digital Project Manager

Search marketing expert. Syracuse University and sports lover.

David Osrow

SEO Specialist

Valuable member of the Search Marketing team helping strategize and execute

Jeevan Katwaru

Director of Digital Marketing Services

Experienced back-end developer and technical planner, contributing on many Vector builds

Luke Wilkins

Back-End Developer

An expert on UX, design, and branding who directs our design team

Nick Spriggs

Design & Branding

Development expert, and creator of many popular ExpressionEngine add-ons

Rob Sanchez


Front-end developer with expertise in modern web standards and responsive code

Santiago Sosa

Front-End Developer
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