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Kass & Moses

Nationwide firm Kass & Moses came to Vector for advice on how to best market their personal injury law practice. Specializing in victims of motorcycle, bicycle, and other accidents, they wanted to showcase their services to those seeking their help. Utilizing our design, development, and digital marketing services, we were able to help them rebrand their business and generate specific, higher quality leads.
Launch Site

SITUATION Uniting Established Brands

As the firm behind popular personal injury telephone lines 1-800-Motorcycle and 1-844-Bicycle, Kass & Moses have had a strong presence in personal injury law for over 20 years. They initially came to Vector to focus on uniting these two established brands while simultaneously reaching each one’s specific markets nationwide. As we met with their team, it became clear that their firm needed a full rebranding to serve both the motorcycle and bicycle markets.

CLIENT OBJECTIVES Being There for the Right People at the Right Time

In addition to rebranding themselves to incorporate both of their separate markets, Kass & Moses also wanted to be sure that they were able to effectively reach the people that needed them most - and to reach them first. With a striking new design in place, our development team utilized Craft CMS to migrate their two sites into one and build additional pages with state-specific information. As a company that serves both the motorcycle and bicycle markets in all 50 states, this meant building over 100 new pages with state specific information. Our SEO and digital marketing teams were then able to efficiently and effectively leverage the power of local listings to build Kass & Moses a strong footprint in each state’s market, increase their online real estate, and grow quality organic traffic.

DESIGN APPROACH “I’ve Always Wanted a Custom Ampersand”

Our designers walked the Kass & Moses team through elements of design so they were informed about every aspect of their new brand -- from typefaces to serifs. One design element that’s unique to Kass & Moses that our design workshop focused on is their ampersand. What better way to unite two separate online presences than with a symbolic “and”? We worked with the Kass & Moses team to create a custom ampersand that would become their new logo and the focus of the new rebranding. The result is a bold design that’s sure to attract customers and help their personal injury firm stand out in search results.

RESULT A Visually Engaging Brand and Website That Attracts Quality Traffic

With the help of our design, development, and digital marketing teams, Kass & Moses now has a strong brand that represents their firm and its specialties - complete with an easy to use CMS where they can control it all. The eye catching custom ampersand both captures new traffic and serves to unite their previously separate online presences. The pages we developed are targeted to each individual market and showcase Kass & Moses’s knowledge about nationwide laws. And the marketing that we did (and continue to do) has shown the right information to those seeking it when they need it most, driving higher quality leads to their firm.

Kass & Moses

“We are most proud of the quality of work Vector has shown and the professionalism of the entire team. We loved the brainstorming session and weekly meetings with them. Vector truly listens to our suggestions and gives us great feedback on which ones to use and which ones not to. We feel Vector has a very complete and thorough process of researching the necessary information to complete our project. Vector truly respects our project schedule and makes sure we stick to it!” -Andrew L. Kass, Founding Partner


Leads our technical approach to projects, from requirements to implementation.

Ben Smith

Director of Technology

Very valuable in assisting with the execution of client SEO campaigns

Faith Zaki

Manager, SEO

Seasoned software engineer. Has been creating data-driven experiences for over two decades beginning with HyperCard in 1994.

Julian Fann

Technical Solutions Lead

Passionate about beautiful and functional design. Mostly fueled by tacos and iced coffee.

Kate Lechleiter


Detailed project manager, who believes a smile can go a long way.

Kerri Connolly

Digital Project Manager

An expert on UX, design, and branding who directs our design team

Nick Spriggs

Design & Branding

Talented developer with expertise in modern web standards and responsive code

Santiago Sosa

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