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Lure Social

In just six short months, Vector built a web game — from the ground up— for Lure Social’s community of concertgoers. When Lure’s founders first approached Vector, they had only a seed of an idea that they wanted to create a new type of fantasy gaming for the music world. They knew they wanted to work with a full-service digital agency with the chops to pull it off.
Launch Site

Situation Construct the Branding and Functionality for a New Web Game

Move over, fantasy football – now there’s fantasy music. Vector joined forces with the team at Lure Social to conceive a new product and brand that connects fans, shares music experiences and lets users compete in fantasy music gaming. To execute this vision, the team would need to create the brand, logo, business cards, t-shirts, stickers, marketing website and most importantly, a mobile-first product website where users play the game.

Task Bring the Concert Experience into the Design

Lure Social’s new fantasy music game needed a compelling visual language schematic design to lay its groundwork. Vector did a deep dive into the world of music and uncovered a few key elements: from a single musical note, to a melody, to the bright lights at a show and the community that interacts long after the lights go down. As this immersive approach progressed, the collaboration with Lure Social’s two founders became less of a formal presentation and more of a two-way discussion. Brainstorming and sketching sessions became a common occurrence as the team worked towards a final identity and online presence. The new Lure Social logo uses the concepts which were discovered to tell a story—upon entering the Lure Social site, the logo is animated onto the page.

Action Build a Mobile-First Web Game and Multifaceted Database

Music enthusiasts who love jam bands are always on their phones – listening to tracks and making playlists on the go. That’s why Vector developed a responsive site and game that would scale to any device. In order to include every song ever performed by the selected bands, the developers also carefully constructed a custom Laravel CMS. Despite the task’s complexity, Vector was able to create a beautiful, mobile first search functionality that works across all devices and environments to help users research songs.

Result A Web Game That Resonates with – and Compels Return Visits from – Concertgoers

Due to the seamless gaming experience, Lure Social has already seen repeat visits and has steadily grown in popularity from it’s “friends and family” beginnings. Vector also credits this to its built-in social platform, which includes user statistics from games as well as concerts users have attended.


Leads our technical approach to projects, from requirements to implementation.

Ben Smith

Director of Technology

An expert on UX, design, and branding who directs our design team

Nick Spriggs

Design & Branding

Experienced front-end developer with expertise in creating optimized, responsive code

Rene Merino

Front-End Developer

Development expert, and creator of many popular ExpressionEngine add-ons

Rob Sanchez

Senior Application Developer
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