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Following a rebranding, New England Asset Management (formerly General Re–New England Asset Management) came to Vector to reimagine how a new web design could communicate their personal approach to investment management services. The goal was to create a visually engaging website that reflects their company’s commitment to compassion, integrity, and placing a high value on personal connections.
Launch Site

Situation Redesign a Website That Reflects the Financial Company's Personality

In order to begin the website overhaul for a company that prides itself on their personal touch, the Vector design team started by getting to know the team members at New England Asset Management (NEAM). What were their goals? What were their styles? How did they work together? What excited them? The new design needed to showcase both the range of services available for their clients as well as NEAM’s approachable, adaptable, and authentic culture. Starting with simply a logo and color scheme, we experimented with visual territories and presented four vastly different schematic design options. From there, we were able to pick an initial launching point and refine the style that reflected the people involved.

Client Objectives Keeping the Client Involved in the Process and Leading with Their Objectives in Mind

At Vector, we believe that the key to any successful partnership is effective communication. By meeting with our clients weekly, we’re able to better serve their needs. In addition to making their new web design visually appealing, we also created multiple opportunities for their clients to engage. The design takes prospective users on a journey from company awareness to conversion and loyalty. And by getting to know the team at NEAM on a regular basis, we were able get a strong grasp of their objectives and create a beautiful website that drives traffic based on their values.

Design Approach Creating Big Visual Moments and Statements to Convey Material in an Appealing Way

One of the challenges that NEAM’s previous website and brand faced was the manner in which their information was presented. As a comprehensive company that offers extensive investment management products and services, NEAM needed a way to relay their message visually. Our design team replaced static stock footage with original photography showcasing their team at work. We created a simple primary navigation with three main elements: “Why NEAM?”, “Insurance Solutions”, and “Insights”. As potential clients click through the main navigation, they are able to stay engaged due to the new dynamic visual designs - such as mini infographics - that break up the vast amounts of information.

Result A Fully Responsive Website That Feels Genuine and Showcases NEAM's Personal Approach

Our design philosophy at Vector is that websites should have the same feel regardless of the device with which they are accessed. NEAM’s new website maintains their big design moments across all devices and feels genuine of their brand. By getting to know the people behind NEAM’s “investment department down the hall”, we were able to create a beautiful website that is an accurate reflection of who they are and how they operate as a company. The end result is a fully responsive site that is fully engaging and interesting, just like them.

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