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Pole to Win

Pole To Win (PTW) approached Vector for a complete website overhaul. Since their beginning as Japan’s first independent outsourcing company for video games and e-commerce services, they have grown become a leading global services provider with 4000+ team members across 24 studios worldwide. They needed their web presence to accurately reflect who they are as a company, both personally and professionally. The goal was to create a visually engaging website to reflect PTW’s expertise, core values, international collaborative abilities, and reputation as thought leaders within their industry.
Launch Site

Situation Determine a Website Branding Approach That Reflects a Diverse Multinational Organization

In order to begin the website overhaul for such a large company, the design and development teams at Vector started by getting to know the people behind Pole To Win. This early discovery process included interviews and workshops with employees at every level in order to gain multiple perspectives on their brand, from its current status to what they envision it to be in the future. With everyone from internal stakeholders to the executive team throwing their opinions on the table, we gathered that there was a big disconnect between their current website and PTW’s needs. Through international calls ranging from India to Scotland, our teams were able to get a glimpse of how well they work together, even remotely. And by experimenting with visioning exercises, we were able to extract PTW’s style and allow them to come up with their own branding language.

Client Objectives Empowering the Client to Easily Take Charge of Their Own Content with Craft CMS

Pole to Win needed a flexible CMS that would empower them to take charge of their own content and streamline their internal processes. Our development team built a custom Craft CMS, implementing sensible defaults so that there was not a lot of need to come up with new content modules. We worked with PTW to replicate existing features that they wanted to keep intact on the new site, as well as show them new features that they might want to consider. The resulting CMS enables them to post interesting content on the site with ease.

Design Approach Creating a Balanced Visual Structure That Combines Sophistication and Innovation

Pole To Win’s previous website did not showcase their services in a visually engaging manner. Since they are an international company, PTW’s new site needed to be simplified in order to be easily translated into English, Chinese, and Korean. Through several focus groups, our design team was able to understand what elements were most important to PTW. Their staff was drawn to a nice block style modular system, with an asymmetrical aesthetic. We found that we were able to mold this style to fit a building block model that intertwines photography to add texture and keep potential clients engaged.

Result A Fully Responsive Website That Showcases Pole to Win's Services and Expertise

Pole to Win derives their name from car racing. According to the mission statement on PTW’s website, “Pole Position drivers do not compete against other drivers to get ahead. They lead the race and set the bar for others to compete against them.” By utilizing this mission statement and taking the time to chat with PTW’s staff, we were able to create a beautiful website that is an accurate reflection of who they are and how they operate as a company. The end result is a completely responsive site that is fully engaging, interesting, and sets them apart as thought leaders in their field.


Talented developer with expertise in modern web standards and responsive code

Santiago Sosa


Creative and outgoing digital project manager with a passion for design and development

Matt Brown

Senior Digital Project Manager

An expert on UX, design, and branding who directs our design team

Nick Spriggs

Design & Branding
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