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TEDx Adelphi University

Vector worked with Adelphi University and TEDx to create an engaging, highly informational website on an extremely tight deadline. In less than a month, we worked on all aspects of the site—from its design to its front-end development—to create an effective responsive website that promoted Adelphi University’s and TEDx’s impressive collaboration.
Launch Site

Situation Building an Effective Site on a Short Timeline

When Adelphi University partnered with TEDx to host an event, they chose Vector to create a site that would function as a promotional tool both before and after the event. The site features everything from event information, to speaker profiles, to an interactive map which made finding the event easy for users. Adelphi University is a long term Vector client— our marketing team successfully works with Adelphi on both SEO and PPC. We were able to meet our client’s short timeline with the entire TEDxAdelphiUniversity project being designed and launched in less than a month.

Result A Beautiful, Functional Promotional Tool

The site was designed to promote the event before it took place and also to act as an archive for the event’s achievements after the fact. The site was built to include space for videos of the event to be uploaded. Vector was responsible for all aspects of the site: we did everything from creating a fully responsive design, to building the front-end HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We successfully met the challenge of staying in-line with TEDx’s branding while simultaneously creating a unique, creative design. We implemented bold typography to make the site’s text stand out against a simple background, and added a high level of visual interest to the speaker page by placing an emphasis on speaker names and photos. The results were an engaging website which successfully worked as an important promotional tool for our client and will continue to work as a way to commemorate their event’s success.

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