When the New York based restaurant and hospitality company Major Food Group took over the historic Four Seasons restaurant space, they tapped Vector to see how their new restaurant THE GRILL could develop their own brand identity while preserving the space's rich history.
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There’s no denying that New York City’s Seagram Building carries a certain prestige and status, as well as a lavish history in both the hospitality industry and pop culture. In the space formerly occupied by the legendary Four Seasons restaurant, new American chophouse THE GRILL brings new life to the building while drawing inspiration from its past.

With a “more fun than formal” take on the birthplace of the “power lunch”, owners and long-time clients Major Food Group relied on Vector to create a visually stunning website to showcase their new image. The new site reflects THE GRILL’s nod to the space’s lavish past while ushering in its new, modern era.


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