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Yoga International

Founded by The Himalayan Institute, a non-profit international organization, Yoga International sought to branch off from their parent company and develop their own online presence. From promoting original digital content to launching e-courses, the team at Yoga International relied on Vector Media Group to build a dedicated site for a seamless transition to their new brand.
Launch Site

Situation Transitioning from a Print Magazine to an Online Community

The team at Yoga International had established a strong foothold within the yoga community through their print publication spanning 22 years. As leaders in their field, their market demanded more content in other areas that extended beyond print. We were able to help them archive thousands of articles from their magazine, as well as provide online publishing tools for creating new articles. Yoga International had a large member base subscribing to print copies that we were able to successfully migrate to the new digital subscription-based website. One of the ways that we transitioned them from physical print to a responsive digital site was to focus on the readability and scalability of the site on any device. We simplified Yoga International’s archival categories in order to manage their content for an easy user experience. We also worked with Yoga International on a paywall strategy that was adjustable over time, by providing new users with enough free content to get a sense of their valuable resources before requiring a paid subscription. We ensured that their paywall did not interfere with their SEO, and that new users would be more likely to become engaged in the community by sharing on social media.

Client Objectives Converting Site Visitors to Customers

The ability to utilize rich media assets allows Yoga International to create an immersive and connected experience, piquing user interest in their interactive eCourses and other paid areas of the site. Using analytics and UI metrics, an anonymous user is kept in the system based on their traffic. As the user expands their experience with visits and purchases, we set up a system for Yoga International to send emails through Hubspot that are tailored to their interests.

Strategy & Implementation Publishing Multimedia Content and Creating Systems for Launching eCourses

As one of the largest online yoga communities, Yoga International sought to expand their content from plain text to multimedia using Vector’s experts. We utilized CartThrob and the ExpressionEngine® CMS platform to create visually rich page designs that were able to accommodate Yoga International’s audio posts, video interviews with experts, and online yoga and meditation workshops. Our main technical challenge came from creating their online eCourses. We created modules that allowed users to purchase multiple classes comprised of several lessons so they were able to track their progress. In addition to eCourses, Yoga International also hosts live events featuring their teachers at Yoga Village in Pennsylvania. On the new site, users would be able to purchase tickets to both live and online events using major credit cards and PayPal at checkout.

Result A Stunning Website That Solidifies Yoga International as Leaders in Their Field

The transition from print to digital opened up a new world for Yoga International. By creating a space for them to publish articles and multimedia content, we have helped launched them into a new market. Yoga International is now able to publish more content, more frequently. With a fully interactive subscription-based site that goes beyond a print magazine, new users now have the ability to read a number of articles before hitting our installed paywall. This increased the free new user database, and ultimately helped sales grow as new users were able to see the added value in transitioning into paying customers. Sales for physical and online classes have increased, and Yoga International is now at the forefront of their market with visible, engaged users that enrich their community. We continue to work with Yoga International and just launched their international iOS and Android companion app!


CMS guru and savvy back-end developer; has the longest tenure on our team

Andrew Kaslick

Back-End Developer

Leads our technical approach to projects, from requirements to implementation.

Ben Smith

Director of Technology

Very valuable in assisting with the execution of client SEO campaigns

Faith Zaki

Manager, SEO
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