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Zwoosh Kids founder Maria Perez-Brown had the vision to create an empowering multi-platform educational resource for parents and children. Read on for details on how Perez-Brown – a creator of Nickelodeon’s Emmy-nominated series “Gullah Gullah Island” – successfully grew her concept with innovative and appropriate design and development deliverables.
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Situation Create a Kids' Brand with a Clear, Ownable Focus

The Vector design team started at square one: What does this brand care about? How can we showcase its unique value? The design needed to show how it stood for diverse characters as well as images and stories that entertain, educate, and empower all children. The team’s further research and experimentation led to the creation of a logo, color palette and pattern library, and website and printed materials. All of these assets are what would transform the product into a coveted brand.

Task Create Authentic Brand Elements to Showcase Zwoosh's Imaginative Charisma

When developing the visual language, Vector started with the power of color.. Vector established a bright color palette of oranges, greens, and blues in order to energize a dynamic word mark. The shifts in hue as well as the progressive breaks and arrangement of the san serif letter forms created a rhythmic cadence. These elements all speak to Zwoosh’s target audience—children and their parents.

Action Build a Responsive Site That Highlights the Brand's High-Energy

The development team worked hand-in-hand with design to translate the logo into a high-energy, engaging web presence. Together, they chose a single-page scrolling website. was imbued with brand products and personality through strategic choices such as large, color-block backgrounds emanating from the logo, and thick line work around calls to action. To instantly instill brand awareness, the friendly logo greets visitors on a stark white background. Users are encouraged to scroll and explore the site via arrows. This leads to an About Us description,followed by featured media carousel which highlights videos and books. The site also contains  a newsletter signup (and backend database) and additional links to related Pinterest boards, social media links, and a founder bio.

Result Increased Credibility from Industry and Press Outlets

Since the logo and website launch, Zwoosh has enhanced its brand perception as it has ramped up its publicity outreach. Recent attention from trade organizations includes the Harlem Book Fair and press regarding the release of new animated videos.


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